Fujiyama Sushi & Yakitori Bar

Fujiyama Sushi & Yakitori Bar

I’m a sushi weenie.  I cannot eat the raw stuff.  I have seen one too many episodes of Monsters Inside Me.  I don’t care where the fish came from or how fresh it is, the answer is no and will always be no.  Yes, I’m aware of the fact that I don’t eat raw sushi means I don’t eat real sushi.  To each his own.

Fujiyama is a small dive right outside of Addison.   On this particular evening, the service was not that great for the restaurant being slow.  We were brought water and never saw our waiter again.  Everyone else seemed to be getting great service complete with high fives and pats on the back.  Maybe service is dependant of how regular you are. 

As we perused the menu, I eagerly awaited my oshibori but never received it.  Sigh…

We ordered the Lobster Roll, Caterpillar Roll, and California Roll.  The California Roll was meh; the others were better.  The Lobster Roll was my favorite partly for the fresh lobster and the fried craw fish bits.  This roll is decadent; I couldn’t even finish it. 

I liked Fujiyama’s fried, high caloric sushi varieties, but for me it’s about the entire experience.  The sushi was good but not good enough for me to drop $40 again for a lack of customer service.  They offer a 2 for 1 sushi lunch deal which is a good idea if you want to dedicate some of your budget to Saki.  ;)    

Eugene Ciurana has a great site for sushi enthusiasts http://eugeneciurana.com/musings/sushi-eating-HOWTO.html.  It’s a great resource for first timers or those wanting to refine their dining etiquette!

Fujiyama Sushi & Yakitori Bar
18217 Midway Rd
Dallas, TX 75287

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