May Dragon

May Dragon

I can not believe it’s been two months since I’ve blogged!  I must admit that my creative juices ran completely dry.  Just like a clearance-priced dried-out loaf of bread at the store , I was ready to crumble.  But I’m happy to report that I am feeling more creative these days.  I’m sure that all the readers (all 10 of you..i.e. my immediate family) are happy I’m blogging again.  Now on to the review…

May Dragon is a Chinese restaurant with a long history in Addison.   Addison’s former mayor Joe Chow opened May Dragon in 1986.  I’ve struggled with writing about May Dragon.  I’ve been several times over the past 3 years.  My most recent visit confirmed my findings…

I ordered the Beef Chop Suey and it had a good flavor, fresh veggies, but sadly it was lacking in meat.  I have ordered this dish before but it tasted much better and had plenty of meat.  You can’t fool a carnivore!  I ended up eating only half.

Next, I sampled some General Tsao’s Chicken.  Mark was with me, and this is someone who’s eating habits rival that of a farm animal at times.  He didn’t even eat half, so I knew either the planets weren’t aligned or that the food wasn’t very good.  It was lukewarm (which could’ve been fixed), dry/overcooked (which can’t), and spicy (good!).  Again, I’ve tried this dish before and it was awesome.  It just didn’t deliver like last time.

May Dragon is a hit or miss kind of place.  It can be really good, or it can be less than palatable.  The service,  however, has always been good.  We’ve never had to wait long for a table and they have always been courteous.  This is an upscale restaurant with prices to match.  Considering that, the food should be consistently good regardless of what or when you order.  Hopefully things will change.

Maybe your experience will be better than mine.  If you’re curious, give them a try.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

May Dragon
4848 Belt Line Rd.
Dallas, Tx 75254

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